Killara HS CC21 Project Plan

This is our CC21 Project Plan. It was interesting and a little odd to submit a plan part way through a project but the upside of this is that we get to reflect on our progress thus far. I am now more convinced that our focus needs to be on problem solving and inquiry based learning using technology.

Our plan will be a work in progress

CC21 Project Plan KillaraHS


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  1. Killara High School May 17, 2013 at 5:48 am #

    One of the challenges in using technology, in particular, Web2.0 tools, is to transcend the geeky tendancy to apply apps or the like to admin, management and living convenience, and apply them such that they actually enhance the learning experiences of students and the teacher. And the success of this is measured in the frequency that students use apps in their learning (as opposed to apps use for amusement/ entertainment.)

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