iPads in RPS CC21 Project Classrooms

We have selected our focus teachers and classes for our RPS CC21 project and distributed laptops to each of these teachers and their classes. Teachers took iPads home for the weekend to investigate the apps and possibilities of how they would implement these into their classrooms, lessons and routines. There has been great discussion about the apps and the best ways to implement these into the classrooms.

We have selected free and purchased apps and are quickly finding out which ones are of greater use and benefit for teachers and students.

We have decided to use the Google Drive mainly for the project team to share and collate data. I thought this would be easier to keep in touch with all team members and keep everybody up-to-date.

Researching the apps has been a great learning experience as there are so many links with other wonderful apps and teaching ideas. For example eduTecher  (not only is an app) but a website that contains excellent information and resources. Being able to access eduTecher TV, eduTecher YouTube and an enormous number of links across KLAs has easily became a tool and resource for teaching and learning with a number of video tutorials. It is interesting to see how some apps (NearPod) allowed a limited access with the intention to subscribe for unlimited use, although the apps did appear to have some very good teaching and learning benefits. Both teachers and students are excited to have the iPads in their classrooms. I think the only drawback is that we only have five for student use although our iPad sets at school contain six per set. This is something we can look at in our data collection and observations to see what impact this has on our research project.


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