iPads at Epping North

We have just had our first week using our 20 new iPads. Many highs and lows!! I loved how the children were so enthusiastic and very engaged and noticed a difference in their work, both in quantity and quality in one particular lesson with Year 6.So far we have downloaded about 25 Apps per iPad which were all free and are using different ones to suit our purpose. Our biggest hiccup so far has been our wireless playing up and being intermittent, though hopefully that’s resolved now as IT support came out today. We have discovered that some Apps have worked better than others and to keep in mind that the learning is the most important thing, rather than a need to use a digital tool – one mapping lesson would have been just as good on paper. Our team are working on our unit of work and just need to finalise a few last details.
For the project to stay on target, we need to look at keeping our wireless environment operational. Also, the management of the iPads is very time consuming and we need to be looking at a syncing/charging trolley and Mac computer a little earlier than we thought before we buy any more iPads.Therefore plans for the next week or longer are to:-
* keep on top of the wireless issues
* buy a trolley and a Mac computer
* learn more about Apple Configurator from our IT technician

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