iPads and Documentary Making

Our Year 4 students are currently participating in a documentary making unit of work, a collaboration of writing, science and HSIE. Students have been looking at documentaries as a form of publishing information to an audience. We have used David Attenborough as our model and students have responded well to the idea of pictures giving information as much as words and purposeful writing for an audience.

Students are currently researching an animal of choice that they don’t know much about and writing this into an information report with the knowledge of how it will eventually be presented. They write individual information reports but work with a partner when making their documentaries using iMovie.

Using iPads, they then select specific photographs of the animal and focus on linking the pictures to the text they have written. Sequencing pictures to words is a focus at this point and students must show that they understand providing information through the use of pictures is a vital component. Students must also add a video of themselves for a section within the iMovie as we have studied the position of a presenter, tone of their voice and how to speak when speaking in this role (again David Attenborough was our example).

The editing process will be the final part of this project and students will edit their own work, with a peer to help support and give advice, and present their final product to their class.

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