Inquiry Based Learning Project


This is an update of how the Inquiry Based Learning unit has been progressing in our classroom. So far, the students have really enjoyed the unit- Families Past and Present- and they are loving the research and responsibility given to them in each lesson. Students have been positive about the unit and there has certainly been some amazing progress in the classroom.

Our unit is broken into two parts – part one is almost completed. The first part looks at Aboriginal life and how this has changed over time. Students have not only been able to demonstrate their understanding of the unit taught so far through the assessments but have also shown a solid understanding of both peer and self assessment. They are familiar with the inquiry process also and understand each stage and what part we are learning about in each lesson. They love the content taught and I have had them asking everyday if we are doing our inquiry lessons!

The second part focusses on their own family life and so far we have sent a family history questionnaire to fill out at home so we can begin to gather data and information ready for the second part of the unit.

Overall, the unit and the assessments have been fun and engaging and the students have definitely been both in and on task which has been very rewarding to see!

We are looking forward to continuing our unit!

Stage 1

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