Hilltop Road P.S- One Laptop Per Child Showcase

Last week Hilltop Road Public School hosted a One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Open Day. Over 10 schools were represented with principals and teachers interested in the program visiting our school. The day included a presentation from the OLPC CEO in our Technology Centre and then classrooms visits. The classroom visits showcased our students collaborating and engaging in various activities on the XO laptops. Our teachers who are trained and using the XOs in their classrooms also had the opportunity to answer questions that many of the attendees had. As a result of this showcase, many schools signed up to participate in the OLPC program. Since the Open Day last week we have had three extra schools who are interested in the program visit our school for classroom visits and to meet with our XO trained teachers.

This Thursday we had the privilege of hosting a meeting with three international Program Developers from One Laptop Per Child. These OLPC staff members had come from America and Argentina to discuss with the Hilltop Road teachers about what future programs and activities we would like to see on the XOs. They also visited 4 classrooms utilising the XOs across the school and were blown away by the student’s skills. They also commented on the outstanding ways the teachers at Hilltop Road P.S are incorporating the XO activities into the curriculum.

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