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This is my first real exposure to the cc21 project apart from a few snatched conversations with Kathleen Kurtis. Although working for all five schools we are lucky enough to have her sitting in our HSIE staffroom offering practical advice particularly on the implementation of ICT in the classroom. In terms of planning for the Australian Curriculum in HSIE, she has encouraged us to get involved at this level and  will certainly be a great resource both in terms of good pedagogy and the integration of ICT.

I am planning to write a Stage 4 program appropriate for, and interesting to, the 21st century learner. It will probably be the Year 7 component of the Australian Curriculum. At this stage we are working with ideas only. I have had a brief look at the Board of Studies Program builder and plan to spend more time exploring its capabilities, keeping in mind the need to embed quality teaching practice including inquiry based learning with appropriate ICT embedded in this, functioning as a springboard to learning. At the same time, this program will need to be flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs and take into account the limitation of resources for many of us. I am certainly curious to find out exactly what these limitations may be as our programming will be tailored around this.

Evelyn Stevenson

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