Good Progress being made at Killara HS

A key focus area for the Killara HS Mathematics faculty has been developing and implementing processes for the collaborative development of units of work for implementation as part of the new curriculum in 2014. The end goal is to develop programs that are interactive, contain links to all suitable resources and can be continually updated by all faculty members. Unfortunately this functionality is not yet present in the Board of Studies Program Builder so the faculty has gone with a Google Drive solution. As Google Documents has not yet been rolled out across NSWDEC yet the Killara Maths Faculty have created killarahsmaths@gmail as a central repository with each faculty member creating their own Google account so they can collaborate.

Our first step was to reinvigorate our scope and sequence for the new syllabus – this was done by a team of 4 teachers using the Board of Studies Program Builder.

Year 7 Scope and Sequence (Requires a login to Program Builder)

Year 8 Scope and Sequence

After the scope and sequence had been created all staff undertook professional learning in Rich tasks/PBL/PrBl and it application in Mathematics see (for the presentation that drove discussion) with a view to allowing teachers to reflect on alternative pedagogical practices for the delivery of  Mathematics curriculum. All faculty members were also provided instruction in the use of Google Drive.

Each member of the faculty has been working on specific units for the Year 7 program (they choose!) and will shortly begin adding activity ideas and resources to each other’s units.

The HT Mathematics presented about this process at #tmACmaths see presentation here

A specific unit , on Measurement & Time for trailing with Year 7 students in 2013 has been developed and will be implemented in Term 3. Approximately half of the Year 7 students at Killara HS will undertake this new unit while half will undertake the traditional unit providing an opportunity to undertake some action research evaluating the effectiveness of the new approach.

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