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This week we are maintaining our reputation as ‘swingers’, no wait, that sounds wrong…maybe ‘mind changers’ would be more appropriate. Despite having (finally) ordered our 10 iPad minis we have decided to cancel the order and instead have the school purchase 16 retina display iPads. These will be used in our trial programs for the rest of this year and will next year be used to supplement a BYOD program in the school. Or that’s the plan this week!

We have now completed our Neo-Shakespeare program, including the summative assessment task and a range of resources. We have left a fair amount of scope within the program for teachers to personalise activities and the way things are taught, but have included a range of ‘suggested activities’. It feels good to have a program and resources ready to go and be trialled next term. As part of our flexible planning, we have incorporated a range of activities into a OneNote notebook that contains a set of resources and tasks that students can build upon and complete throughout the unit. Most of our year 9 students use OneNote on their DER laptops already, and this seems to be a really nice and neatly organised way to share resources with students in a ready-to-edit format.

After watching some more of the Anime Romeo and Juliet we discovered that it is a pretty loose interpretation with some rather wacky elements. We still intend to incorporate parts of this version, along with some other Asian appropriations we have come across, however the focus will be less on the Anime/Japan context and more on various appropriations.

It has been really handy to have time for planning and programming- this would have been virtually impossible this term otherwise.

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