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My role in the school is the Teacher Librarian, 4 days a week. I team teach with all class teachers throughout the year, and teach their class one term a year as RFF. I am also the ICT coordinator for our school.

At the moment in our school we have a computer lab and and our library is also used as an additional technology centre, as we have 22 computers in the library. Each classroom has an IWB.

We are in the process of purchasing laptops, so that we will have 9 with the T4L rollout as well as 6 purchased, bringing us to 15 new laptops. They will arrive in the next couple of weeks. We also have the money aside to purchase a set of 10 iPads which we are ordering in the next week. We are in the process of installing wireless in our school and are starting in the Library and in the Stage 2 block and then in the Year 6 block. This wil be finished by the end of this term.

My plan in the next couple of weeks is to start planning a unit of work with the two Year 6 teachers where we are looking at reading and comprehension and using digital tools. We will plan a series of lessons where there will be work in the classroom as well as a planned sequence of lessons in the library in our team teaching time. We need to decide on the ICT tools we will use, so need a planning day to get started. I will also order the iPads and investigate the training to go with them.





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