First Meeting Ideas

A great start to an interesting idea … The organisation for the meeting┬áhas been well thought-out, smoothly run and on the whole quite rewarding. It has given us the opportunity to reflect quite deeply about our journey as a school, and how this new project might affect that journey.

G and I will be driving the project across the school, with the assistance of the other 3 APs. The first steps will be to ensure that the infrastructure and professional development is in place in order to allow us all to move forward. What will this look like? I imagine fixing the current technology issues would be a priority, along with TPL addressing familiarisation with the K-10 English Syllabus. Armed with this information, and a suitably functional network, we should be able to move ahead to beginning to embed new English skills and processes, 21C skills and QTF in programming, preferably in the context of the BOS programming tool (although this will not be until April, by all accounts).

Over the coming week, I think it would be prudent to relay the purpose of the project to the staff and begin to spark interest or – less appealingly – avoid resistance. It will be a week of selling the idea to others.


Photos linked – ideas, comments and inspirational comments from the first meeting.

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