Exit tickets for modern day students

I am currently on the Learning and Support Team at our school. In our work on the team, we are developing a toolbox of teaching strategies for teachers to implement in term 3. The aim of these strategies is to make small changes in our approaches to teaching which have a large impact on students with additional learning needs.

One strategy suggested was exit tickets, where students write on a slip of paper as they leave the classroom to let the teacher know what they have learnt, what they had trouble understanding and what they’d like to know more about. The teacher can define what the three questions will be.  I volunteered Socrative as an easier method of collecting exit tickets as all answers are collated in an excel spreadsheet and can be stored electronically. This would enable teachers to look back over previous lessons exit tickets more easily, potentially to investigate trends on how much is learnt at different times of the day or to compare the results of different classes learning the same topic.

The collection of teaching strategies will be rolled out across the whole school fortnightly in term 3.

Shirley Tubb.

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