Exciting times ahead at Killara

We have been very fortunate in the mathematics faculty at Killara to have a new head teacher arrive (Simon Borgert) who is very familiar with technology.  Our discussions have led to a clearer plan for the unit of work that we will be delivering as part of this project. We are currently working on Time and Length as part of a unit on Measurement for year 7. Our plan is that students will be able to use project-based learning involving the research and planning of an excursion.  We will be placing constraints on the excursion which ensure that students have to deal with different time zones, reading timetables and calculating distances for example.

Once this unit is formalised, we will be implementing it across the whole of year 7 next term. At Killara we currently have nine year 7 classes who will be excited to try a different approach to learning.

Shirley Tubb.

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