Evelyn Stevenson

After a great day where a lot of new ideas were disseminated, I went home to think. The first of our problems is that we have not done the planning that some of the other schools have and need to get up to speed. On a positive note I now have a better idea about the direction of our contribution to the project. 

One of the first things I noted was that the other schools were very aware of what technology resources they had. When I went back to school I clarified this and discovered that we are getting a class set of i pads in the library early next term. I also noted that these schools had a plan in place for getting the project up and runnng. Some are doing all the work themselves but one of the schools is using the funding to employ a teacher for some days to do some of the work. After some discussion we have decided to go along a similar line, using a teacher we have worked with over the past year. She has a lot of experience as well as great ideas. I shall be using the holidays to familiarise myself with Program Builder from the Board of Studies to facilitate our writing of the programmes.

In terms of planning one of the first things that I shall do is to make contact with the other teachers in the NS5 with the same KLA. Katherine has kindly given me the names of these teachers. The reason I wish to do this is it will enable me to determine how they perceive this project, what it should look like so that I can work with them to fulfil this. To construct resources useful to them we need to know what technology they have and how they want that technology embedded into the programmes and resources we design.

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