Donkey’s unit progress

Year one donkeys unit.

We have focussed on 4 different donkey themed books over the past 10 weeks. we have explored a range of digital and multimodal texts associated with these themed books.


Clippity clop by Pamela Allen

My uncles donkey by Tobhy Riddle

The Wonkey Donkey by Craig smith

App version of wonkey donkey

Simpson and his donkey


Text focus: The wonky donkey

The 2 classes that trailed this unit first read the text followed by the app version of the same book. We discussed with the children the different ways these books were presented, what made them interesting and who was the intended audience.

We then watched the youtube clips of the text that has been made into a song.

Students were given the opportunity to transform a part of the text for example: I was walking down the road and I saw a…. Donkey….. Hee haa…. He had one leg. He was a wonky donkey; into; I was skipping down the road and I saw a bee… buzz buzz… He was in a tree. He was the bee in the tree. Students first did a draft on paper and then used the App “My story” to create a page in a class book on the iPad.

We then presented our class books with the other year one classes using the interactive smartboard connected to the iPad to display the stories.

Some other useful App we have found are:

-Story patch


-Sock puppets

-Book creator

Hope this is helpful and enjoy,

Amii Davis & Ella Santich

Manly West P.S



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  1. Quakers Hill Public School August 3, 2013 at 3:03 am #

    Hi Manly West – we are finding this blog very helpful to share apps amongst the schools. Thanks for your suggestions – looking forward to trying them!

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