Connected Communities Project Planning 2013

My role is the school is the technology and website co-ordinator. I am also a year 2/3 teacher with 25 students. I have been appointed the team leader for this project.

My plan  with my team is to develop an integrated unit of work that reflects part of the English Syllabus content, skills and capabilities. The focus of the unit will be to use a wide range technologies to support students to research information, collect evidence, organise and sequence findings in a way that they are able to share their learning with others. I plan to present information sessions to our community to showcase the potential of using ICT in education to ensure we develop successful active citizens of the 21st century. Students will also have the opportunity to have authentic audience to demonstrate their learning by having parents invited to the classroom to participate in sharing sessions.

In the next week I plan to review the new English Syllabus with my CC21 team and select a collaborative unit of work using inquiry learning with the children I plan to familiarise myself with the Units of work and look at which technologies I can use with my class both in websites and iPad Irena

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