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Inquiry Based Learning

We are full steam ahead in creating our program to implement next term. We have implemented a lot of the findings and research within our program. We can’t wait to start it! Stage 2.

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IBL Programming

We had a very productive day last week, as we worked very hard to create a unit based around IBL. We used to brainstorm our wonderful ideas and then used the awesome Board Of Studies Program Builder to create our unit of work for next term on States and National Parks for Stage 2. [...]

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4J- Hilltop Road Public School

Today I took my Year 4 class down to the new Tech Hub. As part of our inquiry unit about British Colonisation, children were creating a facial animation using the program Crazy Talk. Brett mentored them and myself about how to use Crazy Talk, our new recording microphones and cameras then the learning was left [...]

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Inquiry Based Learning – Year 5

This term, Year 5 are studying the unit ‘Government’. Year 5 are excited to introduce the new inquiry unit based on Canberra’s architectural design. Year 5 students will learn about various architects and their contribution to Canberra’s town planning. Students will be asked to create their own cities based on what they have learnt. There [...]

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IBL with Year 6

In my support role I have chosen a Year 6¬†extension group to complete an Inquiry Based Learning task. Students are to formulate their own questions and develop their own research tecniques¬†to creatively present the work using technology programs.   Support.

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Inquiry Based Learning in the Early Years

This article reflects on the aspects and importance of inquiry based learning. Even though this article is for the early years it can also be applied for children in upper primary. I like the following points from the article: Inquiry-based approaches to learning harness this spirit of investigation, creating an interesting, engaging and meaningful curriculum [...]

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4J Inquiry Project

As a class 4J have been learning about vertebrates, namely reptiles and amphibians, and how they have adapted to the environment to survive. Towards the last few weeks of Term children selected a smaller topic that they were interested in to do some research about and then present to the class in the format of [...]

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How to Implement Inquiry Based Learning in the Classroom

  I found this website an informative read on Inquiry Based Learning. Not only does it outline what exactly it is but also how to bring this into our teaching and learning as an effective teaching tool.   Also, this excellent article by Ruth Reynolds also outlines an extensive outlook on IBL and [...]

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Inquiry Based Learning- What is it?

I am eager to learn and explore Inquiry Based Learning to effectively create meaningful learning opportunities in the classroom. Where to start? It all starts with a Question: “What is IBL and how is it related to education and the classroom?”   This great video explains the basics and provides some inspiration:       [...]

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