Carlingford West Update – Project Plan

Carlingford West has secured the services of Dr Kristy Goodwin to lead our stage three in our action research project for the 9 weeks of Term Two, 2013. This project is focussed on assisting staff to develop a deep understanding of 21st Century Learning and to apply this understanding in their technology rich (1:1 iPads) classrooms. Staff will engage in a full day background / knowledge building PL day with Kristy at the beginning of Term Two. They will touch base again with Kristy face to face mid term and later in the term in Year Teams for 1/2 a day to review their classroom teaching practice; changes they have tried, the response from students and the learning outcomes achieved. Staff will also communicate and collaborate with Kristy online over the 9 week period; this will enable ’just in time feedback’ for staff as they grow and develop their pedagogical understanding.

Approximately $6000 (of the $9500 CC21 grant) will be spent on the services of Dr Goodwin. The remaining $3500 will be supplemented with monies from the school’s PL budget to support release for staff to participate in sessions with Dr. Goodwin.

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