Beebots and Porbots- WOW!

6C had an amazing Friday afternoon today. We experienced the world of Beebots and Probots. Students had to work cooperatively in teams with either the Beebot or Probot. The task was to identify and create an obstacle course, using witches hats or chairs- then program their ‘bot’ to navigate and work through the maze.

Students were highly engaged (considering it was a Friday afternoon and PSSA had been cancelled). They encouraged one another, negotiating, problem solved when their route didn’t quite work and used their skills in estimating distance and angles- the 21 century skills just happening!

Suprisingly the students who initially were the most successful were the students who are not the high academic achievers. To see the confidence and enthusiasm from them was wonderful.

Everyone left excited and ready for next weeks challenge to use them to navigate and draw!

I recommend to give it a go, it’s great!

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