Barnier’s Context

Barnier PS has a current enrolment of 810 students. Over the past 11 years, the school has collaboratively worked towards our motto of ‘Challenging the Future’. This is a reflection of our belief that schools should not only support student learning for today, but also develop students to reach their full potential to become life-long learners who are outstanding citizens in a world of rapidly changing technologies.
The library, video conference room and every classroom has an interactive whiteboard that is utilised every day. Years 3-6 work in podded classrooms where there is 1 PC between 2 students at each desk. Each Kindergarten to Year 2 class has between 10 – 12  PCs (also a ration of 1 computer between 2 students) and teaching and learning programs across the school reflect technology integration in every KLA. We have 150 iPads across the school, timetabled for each class to use a class set for at least 1 hour/day (sometimes more). Our whole school technology committee is led by 2 new scheme teachers who manage sub committees where all staff members carry out various roles within these. Time is given to various staff / committee members for troubleshooting and configuration. Staff members are technology savvy and engage in authentic problem based learning. We are in the process of purchasing an Xbox for the VC room where students can engage in educational, interactive games.

Our project aim is to link the curriculum with the existing technology structure within the school, incorporating inquiry based learning and student self assessment.
Over the next week, we plan to finalise our team and determine our first area of focus for moving towards integrating self assessment strategies.
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