Barnier Public School

Barnier Public School

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Barnier Drive, Quakers Hill NSW 2763    Phone   9837 1600 Fax   9837 1858

Barnier Public School is a vibrant and rapidly growing school situated in Sydney’s North- West. The school’s philosophy is underpinned by the belief that schools are about children. Therefore, our school reflects this philosophy and seeks to replicate our students’ life which is immersed in technology. We have sought to develop a learning environment delivering the curriculum through technology. Our students benefit from an innovative teaching approach featuring an interactive whiteboard in every classroom and a student/computer ratio 2:1 across the entire school. This allows us to produce the ultimate, engaging learning environment for our students which maximises their life opportunities. We have for many years been the leader in this approach to teaching and learning. Our goal is to produce life-long learners and we believe this can only be achieved through developing a love of learning achieved through an engaging learning environment. The school is therefore committed to the use of technology in teaching and learning as this reflects our students’ everyday life and their future prospects for employment. Barnier staff are extremely innovative, enthusiastic and very dedicated. We constantly seek to respond to the changing needs of our students by adopting a research based approach to education based on modern, data-driven processes. We continually reflect on our practice and seek to constantly refine our methodology. Our school sets the benchmark for others.

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Type of School Primary Schools
Enrolments 690
Region Western Sydney


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