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Tech Coaching in year 2

Last week I went into 3 other year 2 classes to do the first lesson in our Donkey’s unit.  We went through My uncles Donkey and the different ways that a book can be relayed to readers.  Then we went through popplet (app) to express our opinion on which way they prefer to have the [...]

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Term 3 Progress

In Term 3, our CC21 project is now in the stages of sharing and supporting staff in implementing our developed units and also effectively integrating iPads into their classroom practice. We had the opportunity to share our projects with our staff during our recent Staff Development Day. All teachers involved in the CC21 project has [...]

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Year 2 Donkey Unit

In year 2 we have focused on 2 books for our Donkeys unit. We have looked in depth at My Uncle’s Donkey by Tobhy Riddle as well as The Wonkey Donkey by Craig Smith. Through this unit we have explored different way in which a story can be told to other by using different medias. [...]

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Donkey’s unit progress

Year one donkeys unit. We have focussed on 4 different donkey themed books over the past 10 weeks. we have explored a range of digital and multimodal texts associated with these themed books. Books Clippity clop by Pamela Allen My uncles donkey by Tobhy Riddle The Wonkey Donkey by Craig smith App version of wonkey donkey [...]

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Year 3 @ Manly West

Year 3 have had a blast with the visual literacy unit that we have developed as part of this project. This unit is called “Pictures Tell The Story” and was adapted from a sample unit from the new English curriculum website. The children have explored the wordless picture book “Tuesday” as well as the short [...]

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Year 4 Visual literacy unit

Year 4 have been working collabortively with the new English curriculum. We have decided to complete a revised version of ‘Pictures tell a Story’. We have integrated iPad technology from the beginning using a variety of apps. As the unit focuses on visual literacy, the students have been creating comic strips where the focus was [...]

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yr 1 Donkey unit

For this project a colleague and I have been trialling the donkey unit from the new english syllabus on year 1. We did find the unit to be quite short so we have made changes to make it longer and also included more ict technology in the form of using the ipads for students to [...]

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Using Skitch and Dictionary.com during reading groups

We have been using Skitch with our Year 3 reading group work. Skitch is a free app which allows children to annotate their photos, maps or screen shots. It is very easy to use and it only took the students about 5 seconds to explore its capabilities. Skitch work can be saved if you make [...]

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Up and running…

Our project is now up and running at Manly West. Our involved teaches in Grades 1-5 have finalised their English units of work in the last week. These units are linked to the new Australian English curriculum and some have been based on the sample units that are available online. Many of us have experimented [...]

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Our thoughts…

We have really enjoyed listening to everyone’s project proposals and the direction everyone is taking. We did have the thought, however, that it would have been nice to also share our projects in small groups which would have facilitated valuable conversations. Perhaps this is something we could do next time? This week, members from our [...]

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