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Good Progress being made at Killara HS

A key focus area for the Killara HS Mathematics faculty has been developing and implementing processes for the collaborative development of units of work for implementation as part of the new curriculum in 2014. The end goal is to develop programs that are interactive, contain links to all suitable resources and can be continually updated [...]

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NS5 Meeting

At the end of last term we had a progress meeting at St.Ives High School with the other NS5 schools. This was very informative. We found that there were a number of ways in which we could all benefit from each others work in furthering our project goals. St.Ives have been looking into Bring Your [...]

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Program Builder Discoveries

Today has been a very productive day for our project. We have been working on using the BOS Program Builder to create some units of work for Year 7.  Whilst very much a work in progress, I have attached a copy of our Length unit to give an idea of our thinking.  In many ways [...]

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Exit tickets for modern day students

I am currently on the Learning and Support Team at our school. In our work on the team, we are developing a toolbox of teaching strategies for teachers to implement in term 3. The aim of these strategies is to make small changes in our approaches to teaching which have a large impact on students [...]

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Exciting times ahead at Killara

We have been very fortunate in the mathematics faculty at Killara to have a new head teacher arrive (Simon Borgert) who is very familiar with technology.  Our discussions have led to a clearer plan for the unit of work that we will be delivering as part of this project. We are currently working on Time [...]

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Killara HS CC21 Project Plan

This is our CC21 Project Plan. It was interesting and a little odd to submit a plan part way through a project but the upside of this is that we get to reflect on our progress thus far. I am now more convinced that our focus needs to be on problem solving and inquiry based [...]

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Tech Breakfast and more Socrative

Last Friday, we had our first Tech Breakfast at Killara High School.  This is an initiative set up by Kathleen Curtis which she is rotating around the NS5 schools.  We saw some fantastic demonstrations including Google Earth for Geography, although there are many uses for other subject areas too, and Popplet, a fantastic mind mapping [...]

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Today in PL we used a combination of ipads, smartphones and computers to use Socrative. All teachers made a quiz and then we all logged into each others rooms to do each others quizzes. Please see our comments below.

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Professional Learning

Tomorrow we have professional learning. All mathematics teachers will be looking at ‘Socrative’ and how we can use it, and then we will all blog. I think it will be well received because it’s simple to use and students can use smartphones. I’m hoping all teachers will be willing to give it a go over [...]

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What, when, how and why?

  Choosing which technology and when to use it is quite a task. We come across great looking websites and video clips all the time, but how do we remember where they were when we want them. Tasked with integrating technology into the year 7 maths program I need to be organised with everything that [...]

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