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Tech Inquiry

My Year 3 class had a great time exploring the concept of  film editing in a  one hour lesson, students experimented with videoing, importing sound and picture files, captioning, special effects and more.  We are looking forward to adding to our inquiry in our next lesson.  Thank you to Mr Kent. J. Rowley  

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Beebots and Porbots- WOW!

6C had an amazing Friday afternoon today. We experienced the world of Beebots and Probots. Students had to work cooperatively in teams with either the Beebot or Probot. The task was to identify and create an obstacle course, using witches hats or chairs- then program their ‘bot’ to navigate and work through the maze. Students were [...]

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Celebration of our student’s work

Today Adobe came out to our school and filmed a small group of our students working with Adobe Photoshop Extended and Adobe Premiere Elements. The students were able to show their work in progress and were interviewed about their 21C learning. The students showed what they have learned and were able to seriously impress the [...]

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Hilltop Road

Where are we now? All staff are utilising inquiry based learning. A focus on QTF is highlighted in teaching and learning programs. We are running a mentoring program to build teacher capacity. This includes a full time teacher mentor, stage mentors and student mentors.       Where are we going? We are introducing a [...]

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