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Working with change

I have found that whilst change is exciting for some and interesting for many, the concept of changing teaching practice towards the 21stC is terrifying for the remaining few. The teachers who have been the most reluctant to change are even more resistant to the people who are ‘on board.’ The best way to reach [...]

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4M and Miss Maroun at the computer room- Hilltop Road Public School

What a great afternoon with 4M in the computer room. They loved ‘Tagxedo’ a program which enables the students to write or chose a weblink to create a variety of shapes, colour, font etc…4M have their work samples all printed and in the room. 4M enjoyed ‘Tagxedo’ so much they kept on creating new words [...]

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After an introduction to coding on the ipads 1R went to computer room to work on their animations using www.tynker.com.It was interesting watching the students adapt to this basic programming site to create a simple animation with two or more characters to animate. The program allowed for differentiation as those that were very able went [...]

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Hilltop Road Public School Term 3 – Year 5

This term has started with a BANG! During staff development day, all staff learnt about various web2.0 tools and thought about how they would work in their classroom. Year 5 are currently completing their SketchUp projects and will embark on their new inquiry based learning project next week. The SketchUp project has achieved outstanding results [...]

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Staff Development Day

This Monday one of our sessions on SDD was allocated to professional learning in ICT. We had three workshops which staff attended all in stage groups. One workshop was on iPads. New apps were shown to the staff and they were given time to explore the new apps on the iPads and discuss how they [...]

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Hilltop Road P.S- One Laptop Per Child Showcase

Last week Hilltop Road Public School hosted a One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Open Day. Over 10 schools were represented with principals and teachers interested in the program visiting our school. The day included a presentation from the OLPC CEO in our Technology Centre and then classrooms visits. The classroom visits showcased our students collaborating [...]

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XO Open day

On Friday 1R was privileged to be a part of the OLPC open day showcasing the work teachers and classes were doing with their XO devices. A number of principals and staff from Sydney West had the opportunity to visit the school and work in the new Tech Hub as well as tour classes to [...]

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HRPS Year 5 Kickin’ On with Technology

Since our last update, Year 5 at HRPS have progressed in a major way with our use and understanding of technology. One of our Year 5 class has begun implementing XO’s in the classroom and are really enjoying the new technology. Our other classes will begin using their XO’s very soon. We are also exploring [...]

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Communication and Technology

In a visit to the technology hub last week in which we were using recording devices I found that the addition of recording technology brought new life to an old favourite classroom game. In turn, the game helped to re-enforce the concept we were exploring through recording and listening back to students’ speech – the [...]

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Maths with our XOs

Last week we were learning about arrays in Maths. My year one class had to create their own arrays, photograph their own creation, insert that photo into a write document and then comment on the array they made. It was interesting watching the students use creative ways to create their arrays -from going outside to [...]

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