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6J Blueback project

Our year six classes have enjoyed being our “Guinea Pigs” utilising our new iPads in our English unit on Tim Winton’s Blueback. We are busy trying to create multimodal texts using a variety of Apps including Educreations, Explain Everything, ShowMe etc. It’d be great to get some feedback on others’ ideas for user friendly apps, [...]

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Progress on the iPads

Our work with the iPads has been progressing well. I have learnt so much this term and it has been very rewarding to see the students so engaged. My favourite app has been Flipboard, where the students have been researching and have the websites all at hand in one place. We are going to start using [...]

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Updates at Epping North PS

We have been really enjoying this unit of work with the new technology of iPads in our school. Its amazing how quickly you adjust your lessons to incorporating this tool and start to think of new ways to use the iPads in other lessons. Participants in our Team- we have 4 people in our team. [...]

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The Journey Thus Far….

I’m delighted and inspired by the attitude of my project teachers as they collaboratively plan and teach using the new English English Syllabus K-10 with the intergartion of new technology. In our case Ipads. Our teachers have been very mindful to ensure they plan lesson content where the technology adds to the learning. On the [...]

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iPads at Epping North

We have just had our first week using our 20 new iPads. Many highs and lows!! I loved how the children were so enthusiastic and very engaged and noticed a difference in their work, both in quantity and quality in one particular lesson with Year 6.So far we have downloaded about 25 Apps per iPad [...]

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iPads in class

We’ve been using our set of 20 (new) iPads in our year 6 classrooms and library this week. The children have been on task, engaged and very motivated. We are realising that the more we know, the more we need to learn. We are trying to work out ways of sharing or saving docs the [...]

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Further planning

Our CC21 team spent the day yesterday planning further detail into our unit. One of our challenges was to remember to use technology when it’s the best tool rather than trying to create a lesson around the technology. We are using the new BOS Program Builder. Working collaboratively is inspiring! Julie

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Like others, we’ve just completed our 2 SDDs with a large focus on the new curric. We are excited and a little daunted by the task ahead. We were fortunate to hear a presentation by Andrew Churches, an inspirational and motivating speaker who was passionate about embracing change. Our project team are continuing to plan [...]

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My part in the team has been to source texts to use in our unit of work – a novel, a text for visual literacy, checking equity library for resources. I have organised the installation of the wireless in our school which began last year – we now have 3 blocks of wireless installed. I [...]

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Today’s meeting (part 2)

It was useful to touch base today atCC21 mtg and inspiring to hear other schools’ stories. To keep track of our project status, I’m writing and distributing meeting notes including actions, responsibilities and budgets. I’m using Google docs for this which is also helping me to get to know how to use google docs. I [...]

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