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Inquiry Based Learning Project

Hi, This is an update of how the Inquiry Based Learning unit has been progressing in our classroom. So far, the students have really enjoyed the unit- Families Past and Present- and they are loving the research and responsibility given to them in each lesson. Students have been positive about the unit and there has certainly [...]

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Inquiry Based Learning (IBL)

I have started implementing our IBL program today with our pre-assessment (KWHL chart). I had so much fun as did the students. I could see that they were enjoying the lesson as they were on task, there were many ‘ahh ha’ moments’ and loads of questioning. We also integrated within the lesson peer assessment using the [...]

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Inquiry Based Learning

We are full steam ahead in creating our program to implement next term. We have implemented a lot of the findings and research within our program. We can’t wait to start it! Stage 2.

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ES1 Places We Know

Today the ES1 team picked up from the last research planning day. We are currently focusing on places we know in the immediate surroundings.  Such as bedrooms, homes/houses, shopping centres, parks and farms. Using the inquiry process model we collected a range of texts that will be used in the retrieval section of the inquiry model. [...]

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Stage 1 Inquiry Based Learning Unit: Present and Past Family Life

Stage 1 CC21 members today continued to work on our stage HSIE unit for next term titled Present and Past Family Life. After our last planning day, we had already established the basic outline of the unit and had incorporated both English and HSIE outcomes and indicators. We planned the term’s unit which would run [...]

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Peer and Self Assessment

Hi All, As a part of our goal, we are reseraching into Peer and Self Assessment. I found this great resource which explains the advantages of peer and self assessment. It highlights the importance of Peer and Self Assessment, as it gives stduents a responsibility and ownership over their learning. It explicitly displays their learning [...]

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IBL Programming

We had a very productive day last week, as we worked very hard to create a unit based around IBL. We used Bubbl.us to brainstorm our wonderful ideas and then used the awesome Board Of Studies Program Builder to create our unit of work for next term on States and National Parks for Stage 2. [...]

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Barnier Public School Project Plan

It was really interesting working on finalising our project plan earlier this week. We had already put together a plan and timeline of what we hoped to achieve by participting in this project, and completing this project plan gave us the opportunity to add more depth to this. Our school has a unique context. The [...]

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Self and Peer Assessment

I enjoyed reading this article about self and peer assessment. It not only gave me a deeper insight to understanding this effective form of assessment, but it also allowed me to develop my teaching methods so I could incorporate this into assessing my students’ skills in their assessment of their own work and that of [...]

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IBL with Year 6

In my support role I have chosen a Year 6 extension group to complete an Inquiry Based Learning task. Students are to formulate their own questions and develop their own research tecniques to creatively present the work using technology programs.   Support.

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