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We are currently developing our action plan for the project and our team are enthusiastic about the direction we are taking. We are meeting on Monday to finalise this and will post it soon. Our surveys to teachers about current practice are also being finalised so that we can gather data to inform our plan and direction.

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  1. Barnier Public School March 25, 2013 at 6:11 am #

    After our meeting this afternoon, I was an eager beaver!
    I developed some questions for our survey for staff and I began researching about self and peer assessments and found plenty of materials to read online.

    I thought a great start would be to define ‘What is Assessment?’
    ACT Government Education and Training described assessment in the Teachers’ Guide to Assessment as the “process of gathering and interpreting evidence to make judgements about student learning. It is the crucial link between learning outcomes, content and
    teaching and learning activities. Assessment is used by learners and their teachers to decide where the learners are at in their learning, where they need to go, and how best to get there. The purpose of assessment is to improve learning, inform teaching, help students
    achieve the highest standards they can and provide meaningful reports on students’ achievement.” (page 6). This reading touched on the authencity of assessments. It also highlighted that if assessments are used correctly, it can enrich our teaching to achieve postive learning outcomes for students and professional growth for teachers.

    I really enjoyed this reading. It commented on misunderstanding of assessments and effective assessment practice.

    I look forward to sharing more findings.

    Stage 2.

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