4NG- Hilltop Road Public School

This week, Brett showed the class how to use Photoshop to create a piece of art based on the work of ‘Joseph Banks’. As parts of our unit on British Colonisation, students have been using different mediums to create botanical drawings so this was a great opportunity to make the connection between  how art has changed over time. Armed with their background knowledge and hands-on experiences, students listened carefully as Brett showed them how to recreate an image by changing its size, rotation, colour and cropping it. Students were highly engaged and couldn’t wait to get started. They manipulated the images they had selected to start creating their masterpieces which  will be a working progress over the next few lessons. It will be interesting for students to make comparisons between the original artworks by Joseph Banks, the sketches and paintings  they had completed in class and the artworks created using Photoshop!

This week students were fortunate enough to go to the Technology Hub so that i could introduce them to the facial animation program ‘Crazy Talk’. I gave students an explicit demonstration on how to animate a character and add audio so that the character could really come to life. I chose Captain Cook as it tied in nicely to our unit of work. Students watched closely as i took them through the function of each tool. Before long, half the class were using the program to animate their own images. For this lesson students could choose any character as they were getting to know the program. I informed students that in the upcoming lessons they would need to choose an explorer or a member of the First Fleet to animate and record their own audio to upload onto the program. The students did an amazing job and i could here them still discussing what they had just learnt as they walked back to class.

While half of the class were using Crazy Talk, the other half of the class were using Probots to navigate a course which they had created. Students used their knowledge of measurement and angles to set commands in order to complete the course. It was great to see the groups working together and communicating effectively to complete the task.

I look forward to next week’s lessons!


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