4J- Hilltop Road Public School

Today I took my Year 4 class down to the new Tech Hub. As part of our inquiry unit about British Colonisation, children were creating a facial animation using the program Crazy Talk. Brett mentored them and myself about how to use Crazy Talk, our new recording microphones and cameras then the learning was left in the children’s hands. It was absolutely incredible watching them and seeing what they’d come up with. Some children decided to make an animation about Captain James Cook whereas others decided to make a talking animation of a tree who witnessed the British coming into Australia in 1770. All children were participating and were all engaged. They love going down to the Technology Hub, their shrieks of excitement are usually heard on the other side of the school when I tell them we’re going.

Also apart of our British Colonisation unit, children have been studying the artworks of Joseph Banks. They each sketched an image of a plant that they found onto paper using a lead pencil. We have been going into the computer room and working with Brett. He has also been teaching them about how to use Photoshop. Children have been manipulating the original image of the plant, changing its colours, size, cropping it, adding other details etc. The Photoshop image that they create will then be printed in colour and pasted next to their sketch. This will be displayed around our classroom and will be part of their final assessment mark. I wanted to give children a sense of what Joseph Banks would have experienced in the 1770′s and show them what we are capable of now doing 200 years later. I try to teach the children that ‘we are not makers of history, rather we are made by history’ as Martin Luther Jnr once noted.



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